My Inner Peace

The power of the sea

I wish I had the sea power

turning upside down the hour,

the seconds and the taste of time

washing away the summertime.

I wish I had the waves in my hair

flying up and down in the air

running over the sand and the shells

calming down my blood and my cells.

I wish the sea had my smile

when playing in my hair in style

letting the wind to take away

all my thoughts painted in grey.

I wish… but now I can see

the hidden miracle of the sea

the wind whispering a melody

the Sun rising my soul free.


I’m going to leave my heart in a bottle

of dreams and magic stardust

just for the time my mind is in a battle

with itself and tries to adjust.

And then I’m going to take it out

and put it right back in my chest

chasing away any trace of doubt

removed from my mind’s list of guests.

And all the stardust shining inside

I’m going to use it in spells

enchanting my mind to become bright

and work with my heart and my cells.

Cause in the end we are just dust

coming down from the space

and only the mind makes such a fuss

trying to build us a base.

Above the growing shadows

Life is the sum of cloudy days
forgoten under the sun rays,
it’s that eternal voice of heart
pumping endlessly my blood,
it’s the smile of happy times
cancelling my shitty rhymes,
it’s the journey to oneself
alongside a hidden elf.

Still… Life it is full of doubts
grown by a mind that seldom shouts,
it’s full of troubles and dispair,
coming worries, and lack of air,
it’s furry against self and others
nurturing dark and growing shadows.

Yet… Life is bright when light arises
growing inside odd Paradises
it’s our job to stay connected
and live it full and resurrected.

The End of the World

The End of the World

is where I found myself!

Is that place of the road

where I sat down and prayed,

for a life of my own

not conditioned by others

for a mindset of freedom

grown by light, not by shadows.

At the End of the World

there’s a magic spell singing,

giving pilgrims the sword

of enchanted beginnings,   

asking them to fulfil

their life mission and dreams

waiting them to reveal

how God lives in their genes.

And that magic spell says

to come back and to feel

how the End of the World

planted seeds for their dream.

Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are like

blessings sent down by God.

Even cloudy or hard

I could never feel sad.

Sunday mornings are light

from another dimension, 

they can easily take back

the entire week tension. 

Sunday’s energy’s high

from the oldest time now,

we don’t even remember

why is that, but somehow

we feel good and recharged,

we can’t say why and how,

Sunday mornings are blessed

and I greatfully bow! 

In the eyes of the past

In the eyes of the past

there’s the path of the present,

there’s the light of a meaning

growing in a false desert.

In the steps of the past

there’s the track of today

like a beautiful answer

shining out every day.

And the seed of tomorrow

is the moment of Now,

built outside any sorrow

it’s a blessing somehow.

A dog’s heart

A dog’s heart is full of joy

and his most desired toy

is your hand gently to bite

sitting always by your side.

A dog’s life is not that long

but he’s presence is so strong

guarding you from any sound

you feel safe with him around.

A dog’s heart can also suffer

if he’s life is becoming tougher

and he’s sent away from home

wandering around alone.

My dog’s heart is my connection

with divinity’s protection

and her snore is like a song

chanting blissfully all night long.


There is a broken love under each anger,

there is a hidden felling behind each answer,

there is a lost dream inside a hopeless heart,

there is just a fear that keeps us all apart. 

There is more than light can ever show

under hidden shadows left inside to grow.

There is so much more you’ll ever know

under people’s mask hidding their glow.

There is light in children’s eyes

brightening in our lives so many times;

covered in abstract concepts and worries 

we forget to smile and live our stories. 

There is beauty in simplicity,

there is strength in authenticity,

there is power in a broken heart,

there is kindness in an open mind.


Words can destroy worlds,

words can build bridges,

words can speak the thoughts

sending hugs and kisses.

Words can change a mood

bringing a big smile,

words taste so good

when used with style.

Words I’m using now,

greatful for your thoughts,

and humbly I bow,

cherishing your words.

Suflet de Unicorn

Aluneci din vise

cu aripi de stele

și coama îți zboară

în tropot de sfere.

Cazi pe Pământ

și te răsucești,

din ape înalte

te naști și-nflorești.

Ești zână,

ești blondă,

ești leu neînfricat,

ești ploaie de aur

chiar dacă ai uitat.

Ai soarele-n plete,

ai chip de iubire,

ai inima pură

de nemărginire.

Și steaua din frunte

îți sclipește de zor

și-nțelegi că ai suflet

de unicorn.

La mulți ani, Ileana!