My Inner Peace

Above the growing shadows

Life is the sum of cloudy days
forgoten under the sun rays,
it’s that eternal voice of heart
pumping endlessly my blood,
it’s the smile of happy times
cancelling my shitty rhymes,
it’s the journey to oneself
alongside a hidden elf.

Still… Life it is full of doubts
grown by a mind that seldom shouts,
it’s full of troubles and dispair,
coming worries, and lack of air,
it’s furry against self and others
nurturing dark and growing shadows.

Yet… Life is bright when light arises
growing inside odd Paradises
it’s our job to stay connected
and live it full and resurrected.


In the shadows of the night

I am looking for that light,

for that tiny shiny light

growing strongly in my heart.

In the silence of the breath

there’s a whisper of the death

followed by a new born life

keeping this body alive.

Past is dead and left behind

leaving space for us to find

a new dawn in every breath

a new future there to get,

a New Year, a New Day

something special on the way

waiting for the eyes to see

how a seed becomes a tree.

In the shadows of the night

I am looking for that light

for that tinny shinny light

growing strongly in my heart.

It’s the light of my connection

with my inner voice perfection

keeping my feet on the ground

while I’m wandering around,

flying up above the stars,

acting like the angry Mars,

losing faith and feeling down,

waking up and wear the crown,

that makes us a royalty

when we keep our loyalty

to that inner voice perfection

showing us the right direction.