My Inner Peace

In the eyes of the past

In the eyes of the past

there’s the path of the present,

there’s the light of a meaning

growing in a false desert.

In the steps of the past

there’s the track of today

like a beautiful answer

shining out every day.

And the seed of tomorrow

is the moment of Now,

built outside any sorrow

it’s a blessing somehow.

A dog’s heart

A dog’s heart is full of joy

and his most desired toy

is your hand gently to bite

sitting always by your side.

A dog’s life is not that long

but he’s presence is so strong

guarding you from any sound

you feel safe with him around.

A dog’s heart can also suffer

if he’s life is becoming tougher

and he’s sent away from home

wandering around alone.

My dog’s heart is my connection

with divinity’s protection

and her snore is like a song

chanting blissfully all night long.


There is a broken love under each anger,

there is a hidden felling behind each answer,

there is a lost dream inside a hopeless heart,

there is just a fear that keeps us all apart. 

There is more than light can ever show

under hidden shadows left inside to grow.

There is so much more you’ll ever know

under people’s mask hidding their glow.

There is light in children’s eyes

brightening in our lives so many times;

covered in abstract concepts and worries 

we forget to smile and live our stories. 

There is beauty in simplicity,

there is strength in authenticity,

there is power in a broken heart,

there is kindness in an open mind.