My Inner Peace

The End of the World

The End of the World

is where I found myself!

Is that place of the road

where I sat down and prayed,

for a life of my own

not conditioned by others

for a mindset of freedom

grown by light, not by shadows.

At the End of the World

there’s a magic spell singing,

giving pilgrims the sword

of enchanted beginnings,   

asking them to fulfil

their life mission and dreams

waiting them to reveal

how God lives in their genes.

And that magic spell says

to come back and to feel

how the End of the World

planted seeds for their dream.

Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are like

blessings sent down by God.

Even cloudy or hard

I could never feel sad.

Sunday mornings are light

from another dimension, 

they can easily take back

the entire week tension. 

Sunday’s energy’s high

from the oldest time now,

we don’t even remember

why is that, but somehow

we feel good and recharged,

we can’t say why and how,

Sunday mornings are blessed

and I greatfully bow!