My Inner Peace


Words can destroy worlds,

words can build bridges,

words can speak the thoughts

sending hugs and kisses.

Words can change a mood

bringing a big smile,

words taste so good

when used with style.

Words I’m using now,

greatful for your thoughts,

and humbly I bow,

cherishing your words.

Letter to my Mind


Don’t stop

where you think

there’s nothing more

than a blink.

Don’t quit

when you feel you are

tired like

a dying star.

Don’t cry

when you’re down!

Put on the shoes

of a clown,

put on the wings

of a bird,

write down the letters

of a word,

dream all the dreams

of the world,

and find the notes

of your own song.

The taste of Time


The veil,

The sound,

The wind,

The bound.

The clouds


The sky

So shy.

The blue absorbs

The Universe,

The root flows up

Across my verse.

I know now

Where I was before

It’s coming back

That voice once more.

A hidden life

Lightens my smiles

A speachless world

Lives in your eyes.

The end of time

Is just a myth

The time is None

And tastes so sweet.


The call of the Earth

Happy Earth Day
Happy Earth Day

The rivers, the sky,

the desert so dry,

the mountains so high,

the birds flying by.

The ocean so deep,

where dolphins never sleep,

the snails so slow,

the flowers who grow.

The magical sounds

of the planet who crowns,

the breath of her souls

fulfilling their roles.

This Heaven on Earth

attract me down here

and gave me at birth

his heartbeat to hear.


Blue Hyacinth
Blue Hyacinth

Like a flower,
Like a Star,
Like an Angel
Flying far.
Like your blue,
And like a scent,
Like the Love
That has no end!


Valentine’s Day

Love is not just a feeling

One has to share with you.

Love is the sound of the Begining

Is not just “me and you”.

Love is the way you choose

To overwrite my stubbornness

Treating me like the muse

Of your own Universe.

Love is above the Time

Above the Space and glory

Love is an act of presence

That has no end or story.

Ask me

Ask me to stay
When I want to go
I might change my mind
And you’ll never know.
Ask me for a hug
When I want to run
I might change my mind
And become a sun.
Ask me for a kiss
When I’m like a stone
I might change my mood
And become your dawn.
Ask me for a date
Even when you think
You don’t have a chance
Take the step and… blink.

Bihor, Romania


Moments in time engraved into eternity,

foot steps on the sand taken away by the sea,

memories of what I defined once as being “me”.

I guess deep inside I’m a time traveler sailing away towards eternity.

Cabo Finisterre, Galicia, Spain