Valentine’s Day

Love is not just a feeling

One has to share with you.

Love is the sound of the Begining

Is not just “me and you”.

Love is the way you choose

To overwrite my stubbornness

Treating me like the muse

Of your own Universe.

Love is above the Time

Above the Space and glory

Love is an act of presence

That has no end or story.

Ask me

Ask me to stay
When I want to go
I might change my mind
And you’ll never know.
Ask me for a hug
When I want to run
I might change my mind
And become a sun.
Ask me for a kiss
When I’m like a stone
I might change my mood
And become your dawn.
Ask me for a date
Even when you think
You don’t have a chance
Take the step and… blink.

Bihor, Romania


Moments in time engraved into eternity,

foot steps on the sand taken away by the sea,

memories of what I defined once as being “me”.

I guess deep inside I’m a time traveler sailing away towards eternity.

Cabo Finisterre, Galicia, Spain