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Practice Meditation

Practice Meditation

In the current global context, fear is the state of mind people are spreading around. Nevertheles, is our choice to intoxicate ourselves with low vibrational thoughts, or to step into the light.

That’s why I have started a new meditation program of 28 sessions, to focus our life on high vibrational states of mind. This program is running successfully in Romania, and it is open for international participants willing to attend the sessions in English or Italian.

What the sessions will be focused on?

  1. Meditate to switch from fear / low vibrational thoughts to higher vibrational thoughts and behaviours.
  2. Meditations to access a higher state of consciousness.
  3. Forum of open discussions besed on current topics the attendees may have in mind realted to this program.

The program was developed and it will be guided by Diana-Maria Georgescu, Founder of WomenEsteem International Community și Cofounder of Delta Guide – Reshaping Perspectives.

“Using different methods of spiritual rediscovery (Angelic Archetypes, Tree of Life – Cabala, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra) we can achieve a profound state of consciousness. Being aware of this state of being and practicing it in a systematic way, we can find the ancient path towards the greatness of the universal archetypes that are embodied in all of us. Awakening that misterious and profound path, could be a huge shift in our mind leading us towards our true nature.” – Diana-Maria Georgescu

If you would like to be part of such a practice, please send me an e-mail to requesting this program and mentioning the language you are confortable with (English, Italian, Romanian). I will then send you all the needed details to join one of my groups.

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