My Inner Peace

When you land in a Paradise

For me, a Paradise is a piece of land where I can express my inner peace exactly as it is. And this time, my Paradise is called Thailand, more precisely, Patong Beach. After a 14 hours journey changing two flights and catching less than two hours of sleep, landing in Thailand, was a dream come true. Outside the airport, at 7:30 am, 30 degrees Celsius were kindly expecting us. Leaving Bucharest with only 14 degrees and landing in the Southern hemisphere in a place difficult to breed, tired and sleepy, was not easy to manage. But, fortunately, I have a high adapting level, so once in the hotel, after having a generous breakfast, I went directly to the beach. Swimming and sleeping there, under the Ocean music, was another dream that took me only two hours to making it happen.

And suddenly, my inner voice was singing unwritten songs while my mind was finally resting and taking a well deserved nap. In front of such beauty created by the mighty nature every thought is melting down and disappears. There is no reason to keep thinking at usual stuff, because you are completely out of your ordinary day. And the Ocean has this power to erase every single thought and instantly the Silence mode is installed in your head for the entire day.

I must confess that living in this ”movie”, even my appetite was canceled. I felt no need to eat. Just the urge of swimming, sleeping and drinking a lot of water. I was actually flowing through the day like water itself, consuming water and becoming water. And that gave me the a new level of understanding the ”panta rei” concept. When you flow through your life like the water is flowing and creating her own path among obstacles, you are becoming aware of all the steps you take for building your moment here and now. Deep inside, you feel how each moment takes shape under your inner eyes and forms your life, like all the drops are forming the Ocean you are looking at.

Maybe the place is not looking like a Paradise for other people, but for me, it is. Actually, I think the Paradise is not external at all. The Nature beauty makes you think it’s there, but your level of awareness witnessing this Beauty, makes it a real Paradise.

I wish to all of you, reading now my thoughts, to witness your own Paradise at least once in your lifetime! Meanwhile, here are some pics from mine. 😉

To be continued…

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