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Only one temple in Patong

Second day in Patong was meant for body resting and city exploration. After a long travel without sleep, jet lag and a full day on the beach swimming and disconnecting from reality, my body was craving for a good sleep. Waking up at 10 am, was a good just for an hour, when a crazy tiredness kicked me right in the head. Fighting against it was not a good idea, so I abandoned myself to a peaceful sleep till 1:30 pm. The first thought after so much sleep, was to go and see a temple. I never thought it would be so hard to find a temple in Patong. But the reception guy explained us that temples and the crazy life that Patong is offering to the tourists, are not going hand in hand.

Nevertheless, I was not ready to abandon the idea, so I kept pushing them to show me the closest temple on the map. That’s how I found out there was only one temple for monks, that could be closed. No door can stop me when I really want something, so I went directly there keeping the faith that I will be able to see something beautiful. And I did. I found this Buddhist temple. The main building was closed, but there were these small buildings outside, places for praying and worshiping Buddha.

The place had a very good energy, and at a certain point I was taken by surprise by a cat, asking for cuddles. It is amazing to see that in the Buddhist temples and praying places animals are allowed to stay and enjoy the energy created there, combining their presence with yours, celebrating together the power of creation.

After burning some incense to honor the Buddha’s statues, my steps led me to the next holy place, a Muslim Mosque. I had a great feeling being allowed to enter the Mosque, as in other places like Bangalore, India, they were not accepting women at all. So, I really enjoyed the place, I took some pics and let my feet guide me to the next place.

This time, my body choose to eat. I only had some fruits in the morning, and at 6 pm, my physical body said “stop and eat, now!”. And I followed the request exactly as it came. The food was exquisite! I had grilled squid with garlic, french fries and some toasted bread with garlic. Yep, I love garlic, what can I do?! 😜

Next stop was at the Banzaan Market where I had this huge ice cream in a coconut with a lot of toppings like fresh fruits, nuts, jelly, chia, corn and other things I can’t even remember. This is one of the things one should try when in Thailand.

The morale of the day: when you feed your Soul with good energies, the body is charging as well. However, never forget the importance of a good meal feeding your physical body and keeping it in a good shape.

To be continued…

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